Allied Atrocities

Dr. Pierce discusses the real war crimes of WWII and who was responsible.

America Is A Changing Country

Dr. William Pierce detailing the changing demographics and morality of the United States.

Are You a Lemming?

Dr. William Pierce shows us who are the Lemmings – Are You a Lemming? – Watch and find out.

Child-Pornography, Exclusively A Jewish Business

Divide And Conquer

Dr William Pierce talks about alien influence in our society and how we must combat it.

Dreaming Of A Future World

The Female Slave Trade

Dr. William Pierce explains the slave trade, what it was about and who ran it.

The Gift of Life

Dr. William Pierce talks about how we must use this wonderful gift of life that we have been given, and how we must accept our responsibility.

A History Of Everything

Dr. William Luther Pierce explains brief history of European White race and our downfall due Jewish infiltration of White nations and the treacherous behavior of “the chosen people” towards host-nation.

How To Bring Down The House Of Cards