Dr. William L. Pierce Broadcasts & Speeches – 1997


The Rule of Law1997/01/04
What distinguishes a civilized society from a savage society? Dr. Pierce tells us that while literacy, technology and the concept of individual rights and responsibilities are all important, the most important aspect of a civilized society is the rule of law. Furthermore, in a civilized society everyone from the supreme ruler to the most common citizen recognizes the legitimacy of the society’s laws and tries to live by them.
It used to be that “discrimination” was considered an essential faculty of every adult person. An undiscriminating person was a person without taste or judgment, a person who could not distinguish between low quality and high quality, between what is acceptable and what is not. Nowadays, of course, discrimination is considered to be evil. Well, actually this isn’t quite true. It is okay to be discriminating about some things. It is okay to discriminate between “good” people and “bad” people, for example. “Good” people are Politically Correct people. “Bad” people are people who are still discriminating about things which it is no longer Politically Correct to be discriminating about.
Hope for the Future1997/01/18
Dr. Pierce says that there is real hope for the future. More and more Whites feel that something is wrong, and more and more are realizing what it is. In addition people are becoming less afraid to express their opinions.
Skating on Thin Ice1997/01/25
Much of the White population might be made up of soft-brain liberals, no-brain couch potatoes, and individualists. But still the liberals are getting nervous and insecure. They know that the house of cards they have built (with the considerable help of the media bosses) is in more danger than ever of falling down.
American universities are phasing out Shakespeare and the other creators of our European culture and replacing them with non-Whites of various stripes. This isn’t just a fad. It is the outcome of a campaign which goes back more than 30 years. Our universities have been subverted. And they have been subverted without any effective opposition. Those who opposed the campaign fought with both hands tied behind their backs.
The controlled media constantly covers “Holocaust” related stories. And in many counties it is illegal to question the official, Politically Correct version of what happened during World War II. Those who ask questions — virtually any questions — are labeled “Holocaust deniers.” What actually happened to Jews during the Second World War? Why is the “correct” view of this episode of history, and only this episode in history, so rigorously cultivated? Why is the force of law resulted to when the “persuasion” fails? Dr. Pierce provides some answers.
Time to Stop Listening1997/02/15
Dr. Pierce reviews several items recently in the news: the story that Madeleine Albright didn’t know she was Jewish (hasn’t she ever looked in a mirror?), the Army’s sexual harassment scandals, (oddly the media rarely mentions the racial dimension), and the O.J. Simpson case.
Patriotism used to be a very common thing. People felt themselves a part of the United States. This is no longer the case. Now it’s just the place where one happened to have been born and happens to be living. People no longer feel a sense of kinship with other Americans. The main reason for this is the increase in what liberals and the media fondly call “diversity,” that is, the great increase in the number of people with different roots, people who look different, think differently, behave differently, and have different values.
The Jewish Problem1997/03/01
Dr. Pierce continues the discussion the extortion campaign which is being waged by Jews against Switzerland using the “Holocaust” as a pretext. This is a good example how Jewish behavior engenders a dislike of Jews. Another example is that of a Jewish “diversity” expert, Dr. Harris Sussman, who happily admits that diversity programs often destroy White peoples self-esteem and cause them to lose their sense of belonging. Dr. Sussman fells this is all well and good since Whites “value things over people, (they) value money over people. We know exactly what their values are and where they lead.”
Dr. Pierce explains that he is not anti-Christian — many of the people who helped to build and maintain European civilization throughout history have been Christians. There are also many fine people today who consider themselves to be Christians. However, it is undeniable that virtually all of the major Christian churches today are detrimental to White survival. Dr. Pierce explains this problem.
How Liberals Think1997/03/15
What are liberals really like? First of all, they tend to be authoritarians. They do not feel comfortable unless they think like everyone one — everyone who is fashionable anyway. They do not feel comfortable with, nor do they understand, people who think independently. Secondly, they tend to be egotists, often to the point of narcissism. Thirdly, they are resentful. They dislike the fact that there are those who are smarter, better looking, more industrious, or more moral than themselves. They therefore claim that “everyone is equal.”
Dr. Pierce discusses how the overabundance of Jews in the Clinton government is even being noticed by the Politically Correct implementers of “diversity programs.” (Of course, no number of Jews can possibly be too many.) He also discusses how Bill Cosby’s son was apparently killed by a so-called “Russian” (and so-called “refugee”) who was allowed into the United States under a program that allows Jews from the former Soviet Union to meet refugee status under less stringent rules than other would be refugees from around the world.
Focusing Our Anger1997/03/29
Dr. Pierce discusses South Africa and the rape of White women in the U.S. army. What do they have in common? The reality of both situations has been distorted by the controlled media. Many people today are angry. They witness the deteriorating world around them — but to result in effective change this anger must be focused
Dr. Pierce says, “having a small number of terrorists running around bombing buildings is one thing, but having the Federal government committing massacres is quite another thing. A criminal government is much more a threat to its citizens than are a few individual criminals not connected to the government. We know how to deal with individual terrorists, but how do you deal with a terrorist government?”
The mass suicide of 39 members of a flaky cult in southern California a couple of weeks ago has generated a great deal of discussion of the cult phenomenon. There seems to be a general agreement that as we approach the end of this millennium cult activity is on the rise. Also on the rise is the suicide rate, especially among young people. So is the rate of drug abuse. So is the divorce rate. So is the incidence of mental illness. So is the percentage of citizens in prison for crime. Why is this? How can these trends be reversed? We must regain our spiritual health. And in order to be spiritually healthy again we need a society in which we can feel a sense of rootedness and responsibility, rather than the aimless, wandering, rootless, cosmopolitan, egoism which characterizes American society today.
This program contains a discussion of the recent raid on Resistance Records. This company which specializes in “White Power” music was raided on the pretext of not paying enough state sales tax to Michigan. If Resistance Records was a Politically Correct business, Michigan would have notified the company by mail of the problem, an auditor would have been sent by, and if any taxes were owed, a fine would have been levied. Instead, their door was broken down, the property’s caretaker was forced to the floor with a gun at his head (for the duration of the raid), and all of their merchandise was hauled away. What were the reasons behind this treatment?
Jewish poet Allen Ginsberg recently died. He was given highly favorable eulogies in the media. What was Ginsberg like? He advocated recreational drug use and happily admitted to having sex with young boys. Much of his “poetry” consisted of incoherent ravings. In this “poetry” his only clear thoughts seem to involve homosexual activity. Such activity is described in complete and crude detail. That such “poetry” is promoted as some of the best in modern times shows clearly the culture distorting, and culture destroying, effects of the media.
Dr. Pierce discusses the increasing divorce rate and the decreasing White birth rate. He feels some reasons for these troubling trends are economic, some are social, and some are psychological.
Slime at the Top1997/05/10
Just in case you thought that only Americans would vote for someone as hollow and degenerate as Clinton, residents of the UK recently voted in the Labor Party’s Tony Blair as Prime Minister. Blair, like Clinton, is a favorite of non-Whites, homosexuals, and the really sappy element among the women. And like Clinton, he was elected with substantially less than a majority of the vote. But the really scary part of the similarity between Blair and Clinton is in the ties which both men have to organized Jewish power.
Dr. Pierce discusses a book by a former FBI agent working at the Clinton White House. He reveals, among other things, that the Christmas-tree decorations supplied by Hillary in 1994 consisted of condoms, various miniature items of drug paraphernalia, and little sex toys. How did people like this become influential in “our” government?
Dr. Pierce discusses the Second World War and the Jews increasing efforts to receive compensation for their financial loses. There is no doubt that the Jews did lose some money during the Second World War. It was a terribly destructive and murderous war. Everyone who was involved in it lost a lot. The Jews, however, are the only ones who seem to believe that the world owes them a living because of it. Other groups also suffered terribly, but because of the Jewish control of the media you rarely hear about them. Dr. Pierce discusses the women of Monte Cassino. They were the victims of mass rape and other cruelty at the hands of the Allies Moroccan troops in May of 1944. Has anyone claimed they should be compensated? Can you imagine any of our politicians even giving these women the time of day?
Right and Wrong1997/05/31
The drift away from a generally agreed upon definition of right and wrong to extreme situational ethics has been a natural consequence of the increasing degree of “diversity” in American society. This is one more reason why we must return to a homogeneous society if we ever want to have a moral society and a moral government again. People who tell you that we can have morality and diversity at the same time just don’t know what they’re talking about.
Day of Infamy1997/06/07
June 8, 1967, is a day which will live in infamy. On this day an American Navy vessel, the U.S.S. Liberty, was deliberately attacked in international waters by the armed forces of Israel in a treacherous attempt to sink the ship and kill everyone aboard it. Dr. Pierce discusses this shocking event on its thirtieth anniversary.
Opposing non-White immigration is not only moral, but is urgently necessary. European immigration may have built up America, but now third world immigration is destroying it. Non-White immigration should be stopped and steps should be taken to reverse the negative effects it has had.
Why do we have so much racial conflict in our society today? It is because the government has increased racial diversity, has brought more and more non-Whites into our country and then forced us all together. It is diversity and forced mixing which cause race hatred, nothing else. And as the country has become more and more diverse, it has become more and more difficult to govern. It has become more and more difficult to devise programs that will make most people happy or that will serve most people’s needs. However, there are organizations that thrive under these conditions. These are the organizations which make up the hate-industry: organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and Morris Dees’s Southern Poverty Law Center. These organizations make money from hate. They tell their supporters that hate in America is increasing, so please send money so they can fight it. The more hate they have to report, the more money they make. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that all of these hate-industry organizations are strongly in favor of more “diversity” in America and more forced mixing.
What does President Clinton’s much ballyhooed campaign against “racism” mean? It means is that Mr. Clinton and his handlers want White Americans to shut up and stop complaining about the government’s programs to cram more non-Whites down their throats. White Americans have made it clear that they not only want an end to the immigration policies that bring more and more non-Whites into the country, but they also want to end the programs aimed at forcing Whites and non-Whites together,and the programs that provide special privileges for non-Whites.
The New World Order1997/07/05
This show is not to be confused with the 5-part series late last year by Scott Spencer. In the current program Dr. Pierce discusses the goal of the New World Order: a New World Population of predictable, docile, coffee-colored serfs to run the global plantation in a profitable manner for their New World Order masters. No large reservoir of Whites is wanted anywhere — they might rebel.
Why have White Americans let themselves be backed into the corner they’re now in? Dr. Pierce doesn’t believe it is because they’re stupid. It is because they’re lacking in the courage to say what they really believe — if they may be criticized for saying it. Courage is the key to our survival. Unless we have the courage of our convictions, neither we nor our convictions will survive. A coward can not change his nature and become a hero, but many of us who have let ourselves be intimidated because we didn’t want to give offense can begin asserting ourselves. We can resolve that we will no longer be bullied into going along with the crowd when we know that the crowd is wrong.
Patriots vs. Jews1997/07/19
In Russia Jews make up less than 1% of the population. Nevertheless, as in the United States, they are very influential in the mass media. They use this influence to attack the values and institutions respected by the non-Jewish population. A couple of months ago, this caused the Russian Orthodox Church to protest against a televised film which they considered to be anti-Christian. Jews, both in the United States and in Russia, began crying that anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe is on the rise. What would it be like if patriots rather than Jews controlled the media?
Now that affirmative action has been dismantled (at least partially) at a few universities the number of Black and other non-White students is falling dramatically. When school admissions are handled in a color-blind manner, White students prove to be more qualified than non-Whites. This puts a fairly serious dent in the official theory of racial equality. Why has affirmative action been pushed so vigorously? Because it hurts Whites economically? Yes. But also because giving non-Whites an artificial social and economic boast increases the chance of Whites mixing with, and marrying, them. Thus, affirmative action isn’t just an economic hardship for Whites — it helps lead to White genocide.
Dr. Pierce talks about the necessity of having the moral courage to speak out. What is happening today is by no means inevitable. It depends for its success on there being no credible opposition. The situation is very much like that described by Hans Christian Anderson in his story about the emperor’s new clothes. As long as no one had the courage to speak out, the hoax worked. But when one little boy said aloud, “Look, mama, the emperor is naked,” the illusion was shattered and the hoax collapsed. The media are able to persuade people to believe things contrary to reason and instinct because they are able to create the illusion that everyone else already believes these things. This illusion provides a strong pressure to conform. But when someone has the courage to stick a pin in their illusion, they lose this advantage.
Closer to the Broom1997/08/09
Dr. Pierce has said many unfavorable things about Bill Clinton. He has called him a criminal, a scumbag, a traitor to his country and his people, and a liar. In this program he would like to say something nice about him. Clinton has tarred many others with his crookedness and thereby made the corruption of the establishment more manifest. Why is this a good thing? Because it has made more and more intelligent people realize that more than a little reform is needed. The present establishment most be allowed to utterly destroy itself and something better must be built in its place.
Who Are the Haters?1997/08/16
Whites who want a future for their people are reflexively called “haters” by the controlled media. It just isn’t true. The term could be more accurately applied to those who constantly use terms such as “hater,” “hate group,” and “hate crime.” It’s a way of demonizing their enemies, of making their enemies seem like irrational, dangerous, and hateful people: the sort of people that it’s all right for decent folks to hate. Their trick of using the pretense of altruistically fighting hate in order to incite hate is relatively new. It is important to understand the motives of these professional hatemongers and the trickery with which they ply their trade.
Dr. Pierce discusses the feminization of America aristocratic, masculine values, have been replaced by democratic, egalitarian values which can be thought of as feminine. The role of the government has shifted from that of a father, who maintains an orderly and lawful environment in which men are free to strive for success as little or as much as suits them, to that of a mother, who wants to insure that all of her children will be supplied with whatever they need. The move from masculine idealism to feminine materialism leads inevitably to hedonism and egoism and eventually to narcissism.
The Giant Gold Robbery1997/08/30
The Swiss are just too polite and proper to deal with blackmailers. They explain that they have always followed standard business procedures and have always treated Jews just like every one else. Unfortunately, they then add that they are willing to give money to Jewish “holocaust survivors” as a gesture of good will despite their lack of wrong-doing. Like all successful extortionists, the Jews then up the ante and seek to determine just how much they can get out of their victims. The only way to deal with blackmail is to refuse to pay it.
Time of the Bonfire1997/09/06
You probably have heard of the three White teenagers who were subjected to a horrendous attack by a group of Blacks after they jumped off a freight train in “the wrong part of town.” Everyone but the most masochistic (and sadistic) liberals would agree that the Blacks involved in this attack have no place in a civilized society. But did you know that one of the teenagers had two half-Black, half-brothers? No doubt this teenager felt safer than he should venturing into an all Black neighborhood. He could have convinced his friends to feel likewise. When parents try to instill the belief in racial equality into their children the results can be deadly. The media portray this brainwashing as “moral,” but it is anything but moral. The fates of Nichole Simpson and Amy Biehl are other sad examples of the hideous results such “morality” can have.
Dr. Pierce contrasts our society’s achievements in technology and science with its achievements in politics and government. Mentioned are Princess Diana’s death, “penis shrinkers” in Africa, and Star Trek.
The Looting of America1997/09/20
The questionable contributions made by Asian businessmen to Clinton’s campaign and to the Democratic party have been covered fairly well. What has not been well covered are the government benefits Asians in the United States (many of whom are recent immigrants) receive. From receiving government money designed to benefit minority owned businesses, to signing up elderly relatives who have never worked in the United States. for SSI (Social Security Income), Asians have been fast to figure out ways to put money from American taxpayers into their pockets.
“New South Africa” is a disaster for both Whites and Blacks. Crime is rampant, corruption is increasing, and poverty is rising. This is the direct result of liberalism. Conditions are now so bad in South Africa that even many liberals are saying things didn’t work out as well as they hoped. But do they take any responsibility for the increasing violence and misery? Certainly not. Liberals not only don’t seem to learn from their mistakes, they don’t seem capable of recognizing that they are even capable of making mistakes.
Race and Slavery1997/10/04
Slavery is still thriving in Africa, just as it was before Whites ever used Black slaves and just as it was after all White countries outlawed slavery. Why do you rarely hear about it? Because it doesn’t fit the world view the controllers of the media want you to have. Even people who think independently and don’t just accept the views presented by the media sometimes don’t speak out. This may be because they are more successful than average and more considered about appearing to be rude. Secondly, it may be because these people value social tranquility in the present so much they do not look too hard at the future. Thirdly, many people think it is wrong to identify and take in to account group differences. They feel everyone should be treated as an individual. After all, not all Blacks are stupid and crime-prone. Not all Jews hate traditional European-based culture. How can it be fair to make generalizations? Dr. Pierce explains that it is not only fair; it is vital for our survival.
The Slippery Minority1997/10/11
The doctrine of modern democracy claims that everyone is equal. Thus, every featherless biped who has reached the age of 18, regardless of race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, intelligence, personal achievement, moral character, or sanity can vote. Bill Clinton, for example, claims to believe that the will of the majority is sacred. However, he doesn’t really believe that at all. He only believes in the will of the majority so long as that will is Politically Correct. When what the people want agrees with what the media bosses and the other slippery characters around Mr. Clinton want, then Mr. Clinton is a democrat. But when the people want something that these slippery characters don’t want Mr. Clinton forgets all about democracy and resorts to the naked power of the state.
Recently, two Israeli terrorists were caught after attempting to assassinate an Islamic religious leader in Jordan. The reaction from Washington has been deafening silence. Where are the cries against terrorism we heard during the Timothy McVeigh trail? Where are the condemnations of “state sponsored terrorism?” This is a very clear example of the distortion caused by the Jewish controlled media.
The Promise Keepers1997/10/25
Dr. Pierce discusses the Promise Keepers phenomenon. Some promoters of the New World Order are worried about this men’s Christian group. They needn’t be. And those who think that this cult has some chance of restoring America, or restoring the family, had better think again.
Racial integration has devastated America’s school. Violence, drugs, and a general atmosphere of indiscipline prevail in virtually all schools with large percentages of non-Whites. But there are other less recognized problems also. One of these is feminism. Many feminists regard competitiveness, precise standards, and an analytical approach to problem solving as too masculine. Teaching students subjects such as English grammar and math is now only incidental. The primary goal is to generate warm fuzzy feelings in students and to get them to think correct thoughts.
The Lesson of Haiti1997/11/08
Haiti started out as a prosperous colony of France. The Black slaves rebelled and killed all the Whites they could get their hands on. However, most of what the Whites built was intact. What happened next? Instead of maintaining it, the Haitians let everything fall into disrepair. Time and time again this process has been repeated: Whites have build up Haiti’s infrastructure and the Blacks have let it run down. Poverty, filth, and corruption are unalterable facets of life. When will Whites learn the lesson implied?
A petty criminal with the AIDS virus has recently been in the news for having sex with dozens of high school girls and passing the virus on to many of them. He is Black and most of his victims are White. Who is most to blame for this tragedy? The schools for not handing out enough condoms? The legislature for passing a law protecting the privacy of AIDS carriers? The homosexuals for lobbing for this law? No. It is the news and entertainment media for not informing the public that Black males are 14 times more likely to be AIDS carriers than heterosexual White males, for promoting a multiracial society, and for encouraging Whites to engage in interracial sex.
Why is another war looming in the Middle East? Who wants a war with Iraq and why? Dr. Pierce answers these questions
George Washington Elementary School in New Orleans has recently been renamed “Charles Richard Drew Elementary School.” This was because George Washington was a wicked White slave owner, while Charles Drew was a “Black scientist.” This, and similar actions like, it might seem like minor maneuvers by the Politically Correct. But it is much more serious. Such name changes are part of the effort to destroy the future of White people by destroying our past.
Zimbabwe used to be Rhodesia when it was a White-ruled country. It fell to Black rule for much the same reasons South Africa did: Under the influence of Christian churches and the Jewish dominated media, Whites became convinced that their presence was immoral. Many Whites left after the country was turned over to the Blacks, but some stayed on. They were determined to do the best they could to get along with the new Black government. Many of these Whites were farmers who built their farms from scratch out of the wilderness. They were reluctant to give up their lives work. Whites own half of the good farmland in Zimbabwe, but it is far more productive than the half owned by Blacks. Now much of the farmland owned by Whites is scheduled to be confiscated without compensation and turned over to Blacks. Some media reports have lamented that this is as likely to be disastrous for the Blacks of Zimbabwe, but very few have pointed out the injustice to the Whites. But even so, what did the Whites expect? It is impossible for Whites to live happy, productive lives under Black rule.
Many parents think that their children will be safer if they are sent to mostly White schools, especially mostly White private schools. This may be true as far as their immediate physical safety is concerned, but it is not necessarily true when their mental and spiritual health is considered. Even the best and Whitest public schools (and most private schools) promote multiculturalism. They emphasize the accomplishments of non-Whites and the supposed evils of Whites. The aim is to make White children disavow their race and culture and pave the way for a country in which Whites will be a small, despised minority.
Toward a Sane Society1997/12/20
Many seemingly unrelated problems are actually related: school violence, suicides, drug abuse, racial mixing, and the general breakdown of our society. Why? We used to have a sense of community. This sense of community existed in our schools, in our neighborhoods, and in our workplaces. And a sense of community comes from a sense of relatedness, of kinship, of belonging, of a shared history, and shared traditions. This is possible only in society that is essentially ethnically homogenous. Diversity destroys our sense of community and social pathologies result.
There is a bumper sticker that says, “From the White House to the Big House.” Dr. Pierce explains why this would be quite appropriate rather than just an expression of humorous disgruntlement.