Dr. William L. Pierce Broadcasts & Speeches – 2002


Journalists and Canadians2002/01/05
Dr. Pierce discusses the sorry state of Free Speech in Canada. There, one man, “Izzy” Asper, owns 60% of Canada’s newspapers and other media outlets. Last month Izzy issued a written directive to his newspapers, instructing them that they must print nothing critical of Israel or of Israeli actions or policies. This policy has caused a group of reporters and writers at the Montreal Gazette to rebel, but there have been no large scale protests.

What is Moral?
Dr. Pierce says that he recently talked to a friend who is a historian and a writer. His friend congratulated Dr. Pierce on the growing influence of American Dissident Voices. He said that many more people are listening to the broadcasts. They include those in universities and those who live in other countries. They mail the texts to many other people. Dr. Pierce wanted to know why these people do not contact him and help him out. His friend said that they have “moral concerns” which prevent this. Dr. Pierce asked, “Don’t these people believe that making a decent world for future generations of our people is a just cause? Don’t they believe that preventing the extinction of our race and our civilization is a just cause?” His friend couldn’t answer. Dr. Pierce thinks that such people are less motivated by morality, than they are by a desire to be “socially acceptable.” They do not want to be called “haters” and appear to belong to a lower social class. Dr. Pierce says that such people should give up these qualms, speak out about what they know is the truth, and contact him to volunteer their support.

The Culture of Lies
Dr. Pierce says that when our government lies for the sake of convenience and not because it’s a matter of national survival, it should be troubling for all of us. But it is not just the government that is lying to us, it is also our businessmen, our teachers, and the media — in fact it is nearly everyone involved in shaping our popular culture. Dr. Pierce gives as examples: the faked photo of Osama bin Laden made by the U.S. government showing him with his beard shaved off and wearing a suit and tie; the proposed statue of New York firemen raising an American flag over the ruins of the World Trade Center in which three Whites are replaced by a White, a Black, and a Mestizo; a fraudulent study of firearms ownership in 18th-century America by an Emory University professor; the manner in which the Second World War and the “Holocaust” are taught; and an article mentioning Dr. Pierce in the February issue of Playboy magazine that has a fraudulent theme.

Multicultural Justice
Dr. Pierce discusses how Harvard Law School professor and “civil libertarian,” Alan Dershowitz, supports the use of torture when interrogating prisoners. He also discusses several recent miscarriages of justice. These include the acquittal of two non-White, communist thugs who attacked a National Alliance member at a peaceful protest. The Black judge presiding at the trial ordered the acquittal even though a TV news tape showed the assault and witnesses testified to it. Also submitted as evidence was a Progressive Labor Party newspaper article bragging of the attack and calling for more such attacks to take place.

Media-Driven Law
Dr. Pierce says that in the ongoing corruption of American laws and government there is a central thread pulling everything together, a primary corrupting force that has motivated and facilitated most of the damage that has been done. That primary corrupting force is the mass media of news and entertainment — or more accurately, the Jewish minority that effectively controls the mass media. He talks about the lack of media coverage of the murder of a White hitchhiker in Jasper, Texas, by four Blacks who deliberately ran over him with a pickup truck and contrasts this with the media circus surrounding the dragging death of James Byrd. He also discusses the lack of coverage of the trial and sentencing of a California Jew who is a major figure in the child porn industry.

The Martyrdom of Wafa Idris
Dr. Pierce discusses the female suicide bomber, Wafa Idris, who killed one Israeli and wounded 100 others in Jerusalem. She was worked as a volunteer nurse, riding in ambulances and providing emergency care in field hospitals for Palestinians wounded by Israeli soldiers. Wafa was no wild-eyed Muslim fundamentalist or fanatical Palestinian nationalist. She was not involved in politics and was not even considered to be a Muslim by her friends and family. She didn’t even wear the traditional head covering for Palestinian women. She was described by everyone who knew her as a friendly, open, caring, and fun-loving young woman. She used her spare time to give free lessons in language and mathematics to children in the Ramallah refugee camp. She simply had had enough of seeing her people humiliated, brutalized, and murdered by Jews.

Enron, Fastow and the Looting of America
Dr. Pierce talks about the Enron scandal, saying: “Digging through the rubble of Enron’s collapse and turning over a very large flat stone at the bottom of the heap, what do we find but another Jewish ‘financial genius’ blinking at the light and trying to scurry away like a startled cockroach, a bulging suitcase full of money in each hand.” He also gives a review of other recent financial catastrophes and the roles that Jews have played in them.

Our Biggest Mistake
Dr. Pierce discusses another Jewish super-swindler: Gary Winnick of Global Crossing. Winnick made 6 billion dollars for himself with this company in just two years (1998 and 1999). Then last month, Global Crossing declared bankruptcy, saying it was $12 billion in debt. While shareholders, employees, and business associates of Global Crossing are left empty handed, Winnick is continuing to live in his $90 million estate in Beverly Hills — and continuing to give millions to Jewish “charities.” This leads Dr. Pierce into a discussion of the inborn and cultural differences between Jews and Gentiles. He also talks about the recent VH1 television show on “hate rock” featuring Resistance Records.

Jewish Hate, the Media, and the ADL
– 2002/03/02
Dr. Pierce says that the mass media and Jewish pressure groups such as the ADL have talked so much about “hate crimes” and “hate speech” that they have convinced a large segment of the public that any material that is not Politically Correct is “hate.” Anything that the National Alliance or National Vanguard Books publishes, for example, is automatically labeled as “hate” by the media. If we criticize America’s insane immigration policy, the media call that “hate.” And they have the more simpleminded elements of the public convinced that there’s something illegal about publishing or distributing anything the media have labeled as “hate.” At the same time the media cover up the ADL’s involvement in actual crimes: for example, the ADL’s stealing of confidential police files. The media also rarely mention the ADL’s links to Jewish criminals, such as super swindler Marc Rich or gang boss Moe Dalitz.

The New “Patriotism”
Dr. Pierce says that to be “patriotic” nowadays means to wave the flag and shout slogans whenever the mass media deem it appropriate. It means to cheer the government whenever the government decides to use its missiles and bombs to kill a bunch of people in some other country. Instead of blood-based patriotism, today we have government-based patriotism. If you wave the flag and support the government, you’re a “patriot.” No one ever asks why we have to whip every country Israel doesn’t like. Of course, the stock answer is that we’re “fighting terrorism.” But if our aim is to protect ourselves from terrorism, why do we need to wage war against Iraq? Iraq has never inflicted any terrorism on us or even threatened to do so. The notion being promoted in a roundabout fashion is that the only way for America to be safe is to kill off everyone who has the potential for hurting us in the future. That’s a rather interesting way of looking at things! However, if our government believes this, it should launch an all-out nuclear attack on Israel immediately. Israel not only already has developed a very dangerous arsenal of weapons of mass destruction but also is a psychotic nest of murderous thugs posing a danger to the whole world.

Espionage and Anthrax
Dr. Pierce discusses the case of a Black woman who hit a White man with her car and then drove home with him in her windshield and watched him slowly die over the next three days while listening to his cries for help. This horrible crime received very little publicity and race was never mentioned. If the races were reversed do you believe that the media would have acted in the same manner? Of course not! Every major media outlet in the country would be screaming about White racism and the callous indifference of Whites to the suffering of Blacks. He also discusses a property tax scam that has been going on in New York since 1967. The interesting thing about this scam, besides the fact that a huge amount of money was stolen, is that everyone involved was a Jew: the real-estate owners, the assessors, and the go-betweens. That is why they got away with it for so long, of course. Most importantly, he discusses the arrest and deportation of about 200 Israelis engaged in espionage. It was the largest espionage ring ever broken up in America. But there were no prosecutions and almost no media coverage. The Bush government simply hustled them back to Israel as quickly and quietly as possible, and most of the media kept quiet about it. Interestingly, more than a third of these Israeli spies were operating in the communities in Florida where the Arab hijackers had been living prior to September 11.

Senator Feinstein and Police Chief Parks
Dr. Pierce discusses the statement made by Senator Diane Feinstein that Afghanistan’s former Taliban government financed international terrorism through the opium trade. She made this statement as the chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Technology and Terrorism. She knew when making the statement that it was false. In fact, the Taliban government outlawed the growing of opium poppies, while the puppet government installed in Afghanistan by the United States has allowed it to resume. He also discusses the formal agreement signed by the chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, Bernard Parks, with the Anti-Defamation League. This agreement will help the Los Angeles Police Department and the Anti-Defamation League share information. Chief Parks doesn’t seem to be concerned about the fact that much of the ADL’s information may have been obtained illegally from stolen confidential files. Dr. Pierce also discusses Ethnic Cleansing, a computer game produced by Resistance Records portraying urban warfare between Whites and non-Whites. This game has caused an uproar in the media. However, there has been no uproar about computer games such as Grand Theft Auto, in which players steal cars, machine-gun policemen, and beat up prostitutes after having sex with them. Why? — because what the Jewish media find offensive is pro-White thinking — not violence!

Bad News and Good News
– 2002/03/30
The bad news is that America has gotten itself into a huge mess by not being careful enough about its governing principles. The good news is that the mess is becoming more obvious and the reaction against it is growing. A recent example of this mess was the government’s refusal to prosecute some 200 Israeli espionage agents in the biggest spy ring ever broken up in this country. These Jewish espionage agents were arrested by the FBI last year, both before and after the September 11 attack. After September 11, however, when the Bush government realized that these Israeli agents not only had been spying on various U.S. military and government installations but also had been shadowing the al-Qaeda agents in this country and that Israel had advance information about the attack that it did not share with the U.S., the spies were all quietly sent back to Israel instead of being prosecuted. There is an internal shakeup and reorganization going on now in the FBI, and Dr. Pierce believes that it is not to increase the FBI’s efficiency, but instead to adapt it better to its politicized role and to allow it to do a better job of maintaining cover-ups without leaks. The bright side of this is that the more corrupt the government and its secret police agencies become, the easier it becomes to fight them. The most formidable enemy is an honest enemy, an enemy who believes in the rightness of his cause. A corrupt enemy, who cares only about his career, is easier to defeat.

A Fatal Influence
The most interesting aspect of the bloodletting in the Middle East is the response of the politicians and media to it. The politicians are desperately trying to suck up to the Jews by demanding that Yasser Arafat “stop the violence” and that Arafat “call off his terrorists.” Whether it is a Palestinian blowing himself up at an Israeli military checkpoint and taking three Jews with him or one of Ariel Sharon’s murder squads summarily shooting a group of young Palestinian men they have rounded up in Ramallah, the Bush crowd calls on Yasser Arafat to “stop the violence.” Have you ever heard an American reporter or politician ask Ariel Sharon why he doesn’t stop the violence? Have you ever heard an American reporter ask him about his murderous activities as a war criminal before becoming prime minister? Have you ever heard an American reporter ask him about the recent assassinations of the principal witnesses who might be called to testify against him in a war crimes trial? Why is America so completely controlled by Jews? Dr. Pierce says it is because until about 2,000 years ago, Whites didn’t have to worry about Jews because we had no real contact with them. When the Jews were allowed into European society, they surveyed our world and made plans for changing it. They had two goals: first, to remake our society so that it would be more agreeable to them; and second, to disable us so that we would not be able to defend ourselves. With these two goals in mind they made a beeline for our mass media. What the Jews have done to America racially is worse than what Osama bin Laden could do to us even if he had 100 nuclear bombs. It’s not just that there are so many more non-Whites in America today; it’s that the Jews have deliberately changed the image of what America should look like. They have re-made the image to suit themselves, and now it doesn’t suit us.

Tiptoeing Around Our Problems
Dr. Pierce says of the war in the Middle East, “although my sympathies definitely lie with the Palestinians rather than with the Jews, it is not horror at what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians that motivates me. What motivates me is horror that my country is being used by the Jews in their war against the Palestinians. If America were not involved at all in the Middle East I still would sympathize with the Palestinians and I would wish that they could be successful in driving the Jews into the sea and annihilating the abomination that is Israel, but that conflict between Jews and Palestinians would not be a major concern for me. At least, my concern there would be dwarfed by my concern for problems more directly involving my own people in America and in Europe and in southern Africa.” He also says it is nothing but sophistry to make a distinction between the Jews in Israel, the Jews in the Bush administration, and the Jews controlling our mass media. They all are Jews, and that’s what really matters. A positive result of the war in the Middle East is that the collaborator governments in Pakistan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are terrified of the reaction they see among their people to what Sharon is doing. When his troops shoot Palestinian children, Muslim mobs riot, and governments that now collaborate with the United States quake. Ariel Sharon is the best thing that has happened in the Middle East in the last 54 years! But ultimately, we must not depend on the Palestinian suicide bombers or on Ariel Sharon’s murder squads to do for us what we should be doing for ourselves. Ultimately, we must stop tiptoeing and begin marching boldly and forthrightly toward solving our own problems.

The Beginning of the End
It is advantageous to be smart and well organized in this hard and unforgiving world in which we live. On the average, a group that is smart and well organized is more likely to survive and prosper than one that isn’t. But even a smart, well organized group can make serious mistakes. Even a smart, well-organized group sometimes gets caught by surprise. History is full of surprises. And when a smart, well-organized group has certain inherent pathological tendencies that it is unable to control, the group may come to grief despite all of its cleverness and despite its apparent stranglehold on the course of events. The Jews certainly are smart and well organized. But they also have certain inherent pathological tendencies. At controlling us they’re pretty good. At controlling their own excesses they’re not very good at all. Currently, some Jews are bragging to each other that they never have had it better. They are gloating that with their control over the George Bush government they have a stranglehold on the world. However, the long-range prospect for the Jews may not be as rosy as these Jews think it is. As they have done so often in the past, the Jews may have overreached themselves. Their arrogance can led them to miscalculate. As more Israeli atrocities in Palestine come to light, more people are wondering whether or not the Jews are always the inoffensive victims they claim to be. This has caused many Jews to whine that the world hates them just for trying to defend themselves. And a growing number of thinking people do hate them — at least, in those places where thinking people are well informed. One of our responsibilities here in America is to compensate as much as we can for our lack of independent media by informing thinking people ourselves.

Two Crucial Tasks
The U.S. government will start another world war if the Jews demand it. And it’s not just the countries in the so-called “axis of evil” that Bush’s Jewish speechwriters have him raving against that are in danger: it’s everyone. We all are at risk when the world’s greatest nuclear superpower is having its strings pulled by a bunch of arrogant megalomaniacs who believe that they are God’s chosen people. Once a thinking person has digested the reality of Jewish control of the U.S. government, he understands that something radical must be done to break that control. He begins thinking about the whole nature of Jews and the way they behave, the way they operate collectively, the way in which they exercise control of a society. And what gradually takes shape in his mind is a new attitude toward Jews as Jews, not just as Zionists or as Israelis. He begins to understand that it is the Jewish community working as a whole that is the problem, not just a few Zionist Jews, a few media Jews, or a few Jewish bankers. There are two things that, together, can finish the Jews off. One of these things is the breaking of their media stranglehold in America, and with it the spell they have over the lemmings. The other thing is an independent-thinking elite that understands them and is morally and psychologically prepared to move against them when their media stranglehold is broken or weakened significantly. We, in the National Alliance, are working now on both fronts.

Democracy and Propaganda
A Jewish writer on propaganda said, “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” This is an obvious truth and the idea that true democracy and propaganda can coexist is ridiculous. However, it would be a mistake to consider democracy and individual freedom as being equivalent. We still have some degree of individual freedom in the United States because more than 200 years ago men whose temperament was far more aristocratic than democratic were willing to go to war against their legitimate government in order to secure that freedom for us. Today, people with a truly democratic temperament are successfully gnawing away at that freedom, but they haven’t yet succeeded in suppressing it completely. We must preserve the freedom we still have so that we can fight against the controllers of the propaganda machinery. They not only are attempting to reduce our freedom, but also are trying to annihilate our race. We still can fight against these enemies of our people by legal means, but they are working very hard to prevent that.

Philadelphia and Kampala
Dr. Pierce discusses a visit he recently made to Philadelphia. There, he encountered Blacks “so dark they looked as if they had just dropped out of a tree in equatorial Africa.” He also encountered “mongrels of every shade: mestizos from Central America, Middle Easterners, mulattos and quadroons and octoroons, and God only knows what else.” Many of the Whites “wore hip-hop clothing: backward baseball caps and baggy trousers and rings in their ears.” And Philadelphia used to be a fine, White city, a European city. It is in a sense America’s birthplace. It is the home of Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, etc. What happened? Regular listeners to these programs will know what happened. America was overwhelmed by the Jews and they re-made our country to suit themselves. They did this in a typically Jewish fashion. They didn’t strong-arm us by putting guns to our heads and demanding that we destroy our country. Instead they sniffed out our weaknesses and then used those weaknesses against us, remaining behind the scenes as much as possible.

A Third World War
The 20th century has been a century of unprecedented scientific progress. If in addition to our technological advances we had retained control of our mass media, not let ourselves be lied into two world wars, and nipped Jewish Marxism in the bud, we would be in an unassailable position now. But we did let these things happen. We also let our technology be turned against us. We gave it away to other races, foolishly thinking that we were being good Samaritans. The result was a population explosion among the non-White races, so that they now outnumber us 12 to one. This non-White population explosion has resulted in the destruction of our tropical rain forests and other habitats and caused the extinction of thousands of species. Even if the explosion of non-Whites didn’t pose a direct competitive threat to the White race, it would be preferable to have a world with more rain forests, more big cats and other animals, and fewer Black, Brown, and Yellow featherless bipeds. There are two ways for this situation to be reversed. One way is for us to let ourselves be pushed into a Third World War. The better way is for us to break the Jewish stranglehold on our mass media, regain control of our government, and then follow a rational and radical restructuring of the planet.

The Big Lie
Dr. Pierce discusses the “big lie” technique — that technique that utilizes the fact that more people are fooled by big lies than little lies. He shows that this technique was not advocated by Hitler or Goebbels. In fact, Hitler warned people against this technique in Mein Kampf and said that it was a technique frequently used by Jews. To illustrate that Jews are still using the “big lie” technique, Dr. Pierce quotes from an ad paid for by a Jewish group called “Facts and Logic about the Middle East,” or FLAME. This ad states that Jews are the original inhabitants of Palestine. Dr. Pierce disproves this claim with census data documenting the percentage of Jews in Palestine over the years. They were always in the minority until Palestine was partitioned to make a Jewish state.

The Importance Of Leadership
– 2002/06/01
Most people — probably 95 per cent of the population — are neither good nor evil. They are morally neutral. Their attitudes, opinions, and aspirations — their moral judgments and their behavior — are determined not by any innate sense of right and wrong but rather are conformed to the attitudes and behavior they perceive in their peers, real or artificial, and especially to the attitudes and behavior they perceive in role models and authority figures. When those role models and authority figures incorporate and display what is best in a people, then the attitudes and behavior of the masses will be good and progressive and characteristic of the best tendencies in the race. If the leaders and role models display noble qualities and greatness, then the masses will strive toward nobility and greatness. They won’t all get there, of course, but they will strive for those qualities, and many will achieve them. But if their role models and authority figures display the worst and weakest traits in the people, then that behavior will be reflected in the behavior of the masses. And if their role models and authority figures are mere puppets controlled by aliens whose aim is the demoralization and destruction of the people, then the masses will behave in the way we see all around us today: aping the behavior of non-Whites, and mixing and breeding with non-Whites. That is the consequence of permitting the Jews to gain a dominant influence over our mass media of news and entertainment.

The FBI, the ADL, and Christina Long

Dr. Pierce says that every civilized society needs a government, but governments — even well-designed governments — tend to get out of control and to become corrupt. The wrong sort of people tend to get their hands on the levers of power. This is the problem Americans have today: big time. The U.S. government has become a malignant monster that is not only is gobbling up the remaining freedom of its citizens, but is also threatening the very existence of our race and nation.

He also talks about how the ADL — the Jewish organization that helped master-criminal Marc Rich escape justice, gave an award to contract-murderer Moe Dalitz, and was caught red-handed with thousands of stolen police files — now has a partnership with the FBI. The ADL is teaching the FBI that the people who need to be watched are not real criminals, but rather the “hate criminals” and “speech criminals.” A third subject is how children are being morally and culturally abused by the degenerate Jewish fashion industry and the equally degenerate Jewish entertainment industry.

The New Extremists
Dr. Pierce further discusses the Jewish fashion industry’s drive to sexualize our children prematurely and to cause White girls of age 10, 11, or 12 to behave like 20-year-olds. He, however, concentrates on the FBI’s “partnership” with the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL). The FBI is accepting the ADL’s judgment on the “changing nature” of “terrorist threats.” In the future, the FBI will devote less of its resources to the investigation of actual criminal activity and more of its resources to helping the ADL counter the people the ADL considers “extremists”: which is to say, the people whose views the ADL doesn’t like. When the ADL talks about the “fight against extremism and terrorism,” the two “isms” are linked together, as if they’re pretty much the same thing. It is assumed that having views the ADL considers “extreme” is tantamount to being a terrorist. However, extremism is absolutely no business of the government in a free country. We’re entitled to hold views as extreme as we want without being investigated or harassed. Patriots should recognize this and be outraged by the FBI’s recent moves.

The Consequences of Corruption
Suppose Saddam Hussein sent a team of Iraqi agents into the United States to shoot down George Bush’s helicopter, or tried to poison the water supply for Washington, DC. What would you call it? Terrorism, right? But George Bush has issued an order to “take out” Saddam Hussein. And this is “fighting terrorism”! Yes, the Bush administration is just as embarrassing as the Clinton administration was — and it is at least as dangerous. The corruption in America is not only on the top. Last week Dr. Pierce received a letter from a chief of police saying, “Hatred is hatred — no matter what color or religious preference you are (or hide behind) — and it is illegal.” It is hard to know if the police chief is corrupt, if he is just stupid, or if he is a lemming who learned what he tthat. But meanwhile, what is almost as good as having laws that make those things illegal, is having people believe that they are already illegal. This makes people afraid to exercise their freedom.

Mossad and the Jewish Problem
Bill Clinton’s extraordinary partiality to Jews lasted right up to the moment he left office. An his behalf. This partiality has served Mr. Clinton well. The first year after he left office, Clinton received $9.2 million in speaking fees, mostly from Jewish organizations. Well, that was Bill Clinton, a Democrat and a flamboyantly crooked lawyer from Arkansas who appealed to the lowest elements in the electorate and had a love affair with the Jewish mass media. Dr. Pierce discusses Sibel Edmonds, a Jew working for the FBI as a wiretap translator. Another Jewish wiretap translator working for the FBI tried to recruit her into the Mossad, Israel’s spy and murder agency. She reported this recruitment attempt to her superiors and was fired for her troubles. Predictably, she is a whistle-blower one doesn’t hear much about.

How It Fits Together
The world’s 14 million Jews think and act like one big family — even though, like most families, they doonverted to Christianity. There are capitalist Jews and communist Jews, homosexual Jews and heterosexual Jews. There are rich Jews and middle-class Jews and even a few poor Jews, but despite this apparent diversity they do a better job of cooperating with each other and looking out for their common interests than any other ethnic group in the world. This tendency of the Jews to stick together, always to favor their fellow Jews over non-Jews, and to work for the interests of their tribe instead of just for their individual interests is a fact: a very wealth and power through the ages.

A Question Of Sanity
People with Politically Incorrect beliefs often get told that they are crazy. How does one tell if an individual is crazy or if society is crazy? Dr. Pierce also discusses some of the favorite propaganda lines of egalitarians, such as: “There is no such thing as a pure race” and “There is more variation within any given race than there is between races.”

– 2002/07/20
Since the American Dissident Voices broadcast on the Wilhelm Gustloff was very popular with listeners, Dr. Pierce is doing another broadcast on World War II history. The pretext for British involvement in World War II was the German invasion of Poland. Much was heard about the poor Poles and the evil Germans. However, the Soviet Union also invaded and occupied Poland. And when they occupied Poland, they killed thousands of the most talented men and women of the Polish nation: military officers, cultural leaders, business leaders, scientists, and writers. Did this cause the allies to consider that perhaps their plan to “save Poland” was not working. Of course not! The massacre was simply blamed on the Germans and the destructive war continued.