Dr. William L. Pierce Broadcasts & Speeches – 2000


People often write in to the National Alliance saying that they agree with the opinions expressed on American Dissident Voices, but they do not know what to do. Dr. Pierce explains what racially conscience Whites should do when they decide things must change.
Illusion and Leverage2000/01/08
Dr. Pierce continues his discussion of last week commenting on our enemies use of illusion and leverage to maintain their house of cards.
Dr. Pierce says the following of big capitalists, ‘In a society without Jews and without destructive television propaganda, they could play a constructive role. Aim them in the right direction, and their energy, ambition, and intelligence can accomplish a great deal. But the way they are aimed now, they aren’t much better than the Clintonistas.’ Dr. Pierce also talks more about John Rocker.
Dr. Pierce says that societal change is not a linear process. We are dealing with a very unstable situation, in which a great deal of effort may produce only a small result for quite a while. Then suddenly the result becomes very large with only a little more effort, and one has an avalanche which sweeps away the enemies of our people.
Reality Check2000/01/29
Dr. Pierce says we have to stop being distracted by things that don’t really matter — such as what will happen to Elian Gonzales or whether the Confederate flag will be removed from the South Carolina statehouse, and concentrate on what is really important: our racial survival. Dr. Pierce also imagines what Confederate soldiers might think if they could see videos from today.
Dr. Pierce talks about both the deliberate and unintentional lies in the recent A&E television program, “Nazi America.”
The Club 2000/02/12
In accordance with numerous requests, Dr. Pierce discusses Jörg Haider and the situation in Austria.
The Hurricane – 2000/02/19
Dr. Pierce discusses The Hurricane — one of the most untruthful “documentaries” to be released by Hollywood in a long time. It is also another prime example of hate masquerading as a condemnation of hatred.
Elites Vs. Masses2000/02/26
Dr. Pierce discusses the upcoming American presidential election and the sorry nature of the candidates. He says it is necessary to have a political system based on elites and not on masses. It is important to remember in this regard that the term “White elites” does not refer primarily to rich Whites, but rather to Whites able to think for themselves, regardless of income.
Fear of the Smear2000/03/04
Dr. Pierce explains the use of one of the media’s favorite words — “hater.” This misleading and untrue insult is hurled at Whites concerned about their future for one reason only: to intimidate them into silence. Whites should realize the intent of the PC crowd’s abuse and fight it by continuing to speak out.
The Killing of Kayla2000/03/11
Dr. Pierce comments on the killing of six-year-old White girl by a six-year-old Black boy and on other recent Black on White crimes. These sorts of crimes can be expected whenever Blacks and Whites are in close contact — Blacks just have a greater tendency towards violence. The idea that a law requiring child-proof safety locks on guns would have prevented Kayla’s death is absurd. Does anyone really think that if such a law was passed the residents of crack houses would rush out to buy safety locks for their stolen guns?
Dr. Pierce says that the moral health of the nation is very poor. He discusses the third-worlding caused by illegal immigration from Mexico — which occurs with the total compliance of the US government and leading businessmen.
Returning Fire2000/03/25
Dr. Pierce says that the current assault on White people is an engineered assault. The change in American immigration laws to bring in millions of non-Whites while cutting off the immigration of Whites from Europe; the refusal to round up and deport illegal immigrants except on a token scale; the forced integration of Whites with non-Whites in schools, neighborhoods, and work places; and the encouragement of miscegenation by the controlled mass media are all deliberate. Dr. Pierce discusses what we can do to fight back.
Dr. Pierce discusses the societal breakdown caused my the mentality of selfishness. The good news is that even some liberals realize that harm is done when one’s family or one’s community is neglected. Of course, liberals still don’t think it is important to be concerned about one’s race, but at least many have backed away from the “if it feels good do it” attitude of the 1960’s.
Storm, Break Loose!2000/04/08
Dr. Pierce again answers the question: “What can I do for my people?” He says the most important thing you can do is to speak out. You should concentrate on what is effective and not what will make the biggest splash on the evening news. You should not engage in illegal activities and if you want to collect weapons or practice with weapons, you should keep your weapons legal. You can take effective action on behalf of our people, no matter how sensitive your employment or family situation is.
Dr. Pierce discusses the situation in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) where Black squatters and President Mugabe are trying to force White farmers to abandon their farms.
Horror in Rhodesia 2000/04/22
Dr. Pierce discusses the worsening situation in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), where White farm families are now being beaten and killed. Tony Blair and the “Human Rights community” have not raised a finger to stop the violence. .
To be or Not to be2000/04/29
More about the worsening problems for Whites in Zimbabwe. White women are now being raped by Mugabe’s thugs and more White farmers have been killed. Dr. Pierce also discussed the role of Dutch Jew, Nicholas Hoogstraten, who has been supporting Mugabe since the 1960’s. He calls White Rhodesians “trash” and his White mistresses his “chattel.”

Shielding Evil
Dr. Pierce discusses the recent trail for libel brought by historian David Irving against Jewess Deborah Lipstadt. In her book Denying the Holocaust: the Growing Assault on Truth and Memory she labels Irving as a “Holocaust Denier.” Irving says he is not a “Holocaust denier,” he is a “Holocaust” examiner. However, as Irving is not quite PC enough, and as Lipstadt is a member of a very powerful ethnic group, he lost the case. What exactly is a “Holocaust denier”? And why do Jews seem more and more concerned about “the Holocaust” as time goes on? Dr. Pierce answers these questions and more.

Moral Aids
Dr. Pierce discusses the hysterical reaction to the distribution of a National Alliance leaflet on the University of Texas campus in Austin. The leaflet pointed out that Blacks are much more likely than Whites to be HIV positive; Black heterosexual males are 14 times more likely to be HIV positive than White heterosexual males. Every university in America now has what amounts to an Orwellian Ministry of Truth, which determines what ideas, what thoughts, what expressions and even what facts are permissible. However, most Americans tolerate this and more: it is as if they suffer from a moral version of AIDS.

Our Task
Dr. Pierce discusses the out of control illegal immigration from Mexico. Recently, a few ranchers in Arizona and Texas have started to patrol their property and make citizen’s arrests of the trespassing illegals. What is the American government’s response? To do something effective to prevent Mexicans from illegally entering the United State? To keep the illegal Mexicans off the property of the ranchers (where their tramping in huge numbers, their camp fires, and their filth is destroying the land)? No, of course not! The government is considering filing charges against the ranchers for “violating the human rights” of the Mexicans! What could be a clearer example of the contempt in which the government holds the American people? What shows more clearly than the manner in which this story is reported how the media masters want independent White Americans replaced with Third World serfs?

Dr. Pierce talks more about the invasion of the United States by illegal mestizos and asks: Did natural flaws develop in our society, in the system by which we have governed ourselves, or has some external enemy caused the destruction? Is our society suffering from faulty design or from termites?

Dr. Pierce discusses the three major disasters which have befallen our people: the demographic disaster, the moral disaster, and the media disaster.

Dr. Pierce talks about how important the images the mass media present are in forming people’s opinions. An especially potent image is that of the “White Racist.” The media present this type of person as stupid, mean-spirited, and slovenly. Many White people are very reluctant to identify with racists because they do not want to seem this low-class.
Music of Rebellion2000/06/17
Dr. Pierce discusses the alienation of many of today’s young White people. These angry and confused youth listen to various types of music to give them a sense of belonging and to show their rebellion. However, some of this music is healthy and some is sick. Dr. Pierce discusses: rock, “Hate Rock,” Death Metal, etc.

Black is Good White is Bad
Dr. Pierce discusses the recent “wilding” incidents in New York City’s Central Park and the very similar incidents in Biloxi, Mississippi during “Black Springbreak 2000” which received almost no media attention. Many people want to be able to stroll through Central Park on Sunday afternoons, with subhuman animals all around them and still be perfectly safe. They are out of touch with reality. Reality is that if you insist on living in a jungle, then you should expect to be eaten.

The Evil Among Us
Dr. Pierce talks about White Slavery (forced prostitution) in Israel. In Israel, both prostitution and trafficking in human beings are legal. Shocking abuses of White women — mostly from Eastern Europe — are every day occurrences.

The Nature of The Beast
Dr. Pierce asks who is the real Jew: the leering, hook-nosed slave dealer in Tel Aviv who brutalizes our women because his religion and the laws of his country permit him to do so, or the sensitive, violin-playing philanthropist Jew presented to us by Hollywood? Is the real Jew the Israeli citizen who, while not a slave dealer himself, is comfortable with the traditions of his people and with the fact that his fellow Jews are still in the slave business — or is it the friendly Jew who owns the clothing store at the mall where you shop and seems no more sinister than any other shop owner? Is it the alien-looking Orthodox Talmud-Jew, with his long sidelocks and yarmulke and black garb, that one sees in New York’s “diamond district,” or is it the normal-looking Jewish economics professor one had in college, who seemed like a nice guy?

The Rubes and the Carnies
More about the White slave trade, the Organizatsiya, and the relationship the general American public has to Jews. This relationship is something like the relationship of rubes (gullible fools) to carnies (the hucksters that work at carnivals).

The Jewish Mob in America
Dr. Pierce talks more about the Organizatsiya. As a New York City police officer wonders: “Why are we being victimized by non-citizens who can run to Israel or Russia and can’t be extradited? The Russian gangsters have told me that they’ve come here to suck our country dry. . . . How did the Russian mob become so entrenched? They are into Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid fraud. Why is it that every ambulance service in Brooklyn is run by the Russian mob? Why are so many of their doctors practicing without a license? They have invaded Wall Street from boiler-room operations to brokerage houses. Nothing is too small for them to steal. Even the guys with the multimillion-dollar Medicare scam still have to have their food stamps.”

Faustian Spirit and Political Correctness
Dr. Pierce discusses the Faustian spirit, how Political Correctness has hampered science, and why Blacks get AIDS more than Whites.

Survival Essentials
Dr. Pierce says that in the current stage of our struggle for White survival nearly our whole effort now should be focused on enhancing our ability to communicate effectively with our people: through the printed word and the spoken word, through the Internet, radio broadcasts, books, video, music, posters, leaflets, stickers, and every other means.

The Significance of the Holocaust
Dr. Pierce talks about how Jews use “the Holocaust” and reviews Norman Finkelstein’s book The Holocaust Industry. He also discusses how Jews are different from other parasitic minorities such as gypsies.

Joe Lieberman and Judaism
By popular request, Dr. Pierce discusses Vice President Al Gore’s choice of Orthodox Jew Joseph Lieberman to be his running mate in the upcoming presidential election.

Behind America’s Moral Decay
Dr. Pierce says: “there’s more hedonism and less responsibility, more softness and less perseverance, today than in the past. There’s less purposefulness in young people’s lives and less willingness to work long and hard and carefully to achieve what they want.” He explains some of the reasons these problems exist.

The Chinese Invasion
Dr. Pierce discusses a theoretical invasion of the United States by Red China and asks how a patriotic American should respond.

The Case of Hendrik Moebus
Dr. Pierce talks about Hendrik Möbus: America’s foremost political prisoner. Mr. Möbus was recently violently apprehended by the US government and is now sitting in a US jail although all admit he has broken no US law. The American government is happily cooperating with the German government to have him sent back to Germany where he can be imprisoned for exercising the right of free speech. How long will it be before the United States also has draconian “thought crime” laws?

Feasting on the Sheep
Months ago, Dr. Pierce predicted that if the Jews succeeded in sucking the blood they were demanding out of the Swiss, eventually they would come for our blood too. And now they’re here, demanding that Americans pay them back for their losses during the so-called “Holocaust.”

What’s Important
Dr. Pierce says that what is important is having some influence on the type of world our people will live in a thousand years from now, and making some contribution now to that world. That’s what gives our lives lasting value.

Justice Vs. Power
Dr. Pierce discusses the Jewish trade in White women, the rejection of the request by American POW’s to be paid for slave labor they performed for the Japanese during WWII, and Bessinger’s barbecue sauce. How are these topics related? They all show the importance of the Jewish control of the media. Another important theme of this broadcast is that to restore justice, it is first necessary to gain power.

There Will Be Hell to Pay
Dr. Pierce discusses the recent break up of a major child pornography ring operating out of Italy and Russia. He also considers the case of Jewish ritual murder.

Why Do They Do It?
Dr. Pierce says that it is not impossible to have a clean, decent, White society in America again. But it depends on our values, on whether we prefer comfort or freedom. If too many of us remain too afraid of being called “anti-Semites,” too afraid of losing our jobs, for standing up for what we believe, then little Russian girls will continue to be raped to death for the amusement of rich American perverts, our armed forces will continue to become darker and less American, and we’ll continue to be easy pickings for the rest of the world.

The Corrupters
Dr. Pierce says, “we cannot blame the Jews for the fact that we have many fools and many knaves among our own people, and we cannot blame them for the fact that we have a system of government which is so susceptible to corruption: a system in which fools are allowed to vote and knaves are allowed to hold office. So this weakness, this susceptibility to manipulation and corruption, was inherent in us even without the intervention of the Jews. But you know, the Jews have an amazing talent for sniffing out weaknesses in others and then figuring how to turn those weaknesses to their own advantage.”

Down the Slippery Slope
The United Kingdom is probably between five and ten years further down the slippery slope of Political Correctness than the United States is. Three hundred years ago many of the independent-minded types left Britain and came to the North American colonies, while the more docile and obedient folks stayed in Britain. The result is that the average Brit today is even more terrified of being thought a “racist” than is the average American and also is more willing to go along with whatever destructive foolishness the fashion-conscious lords and ladies, led by the likes of Jack Straw and Kate Gavron, are pushing at the moment.

Defying The Censors
Dr. Pierce discusses the kidnapping and sexual abuse — and most likely murder also the murder of a young White woman by a wealthy Japanese businessman. He also discusses a new book written about himself.

I Need Your Support 
Dr. Pierce urges Whites to do something positive for their future and join the National Alliance. He also discusses reparations to Blacks as a compensation for slavery.

Lordy, Lordy! Payback Time is Near
Dr. Pierce discusses the recent presidential election. He also discusses reparations for Blacks in the United States “to compensate for slavery.”
Corrupting our Police2000/11/25
Dr. Pierce discusses the ongoing erosion of our civil liberties and the gradual conversion of the United States into a police state, so that multiculturalism and the New World Order can be rammed down our throats with less danger of our rebelling.

Dr. Pierce discusses the bankruptcy of the current political system. We have political leaders who are afraid to provide real leadership and, in fact, have no interest in providing real leadership. Getting elected, not policy or principle, becomes the only goal and the country drifts in whatever direction the behind-the-scenes manipulators of public opinion want it to go. In addition, because of the biological nature of the political problem we face, we cannot save ourselves through party politics or the electoral process.

Conditioning For Death
– 2000/12/09
Dr. Pierce discusses America’s educational system. He says that it consists not so much of education but of conditioning. This conditioning is aimed at making Politically Correct lemmings out of everyone who passes through the schools: lemmings who will not question or oppose any of the policies of the conditioners. The goal of the schools is to make lemmings who will not put up a fight against those who deliberately are destroying our country, our civilization, and our race.

A White World
We can envision a new White world of strong men and beautiful women and bright children; a greener world of regrown forests and unpolluted air and water; a cleaner world, without Jewish television or non-Whites; a progressive world, in which each successive generation of our people is a little healthier and a little brighter than the last. But that new White world can only rise out of hard and bloody struggle. It will not be presented to us as a gift, and no one will devise a nice, painless way of getting from here to there.

Race Suicide2000/12/23
Dr. Pierce gives a superb, concise history of the misfortunes that have befallen the White race during the 20th century. He also gives an update on the situation of political prisoner, Hendrik Möbus.

What We Can Do
Dr. Pierce describes what must be done to return to a healthy White world: wrest the mass media from Jewish control. He talks about a recent mass murder in Witchita, Kansas, to illustrate the point. This mass murder went unreported because the murderers were Black and the victims were White.