Dr. William L. Pierce Broadcasts & Speeches – 1999


Since the extortion effort against Switzerland was so successful, the Jews are now going after any and all other possible targets. It is much like a bank robber who finds himself welcomed at the bank instead of being shot or hauled off to jail. Of course, he will try bank robbery again! Some of the latest efforts at “reparations” have been so outrageous even some Jews are concerned that their brethren have gone too far.
Dr. Pierce discusses the polls showing that Clinton is still very popular with most of the American people. He thinks this is much more ominous than it might seem at first.
Dr. Pierce discusses Clinton, the devastating effects of multiculturalism, and danger and degeneration that results from being “non-judgmental.”
There are now a greater percentage of Americans in prison than ever before. A very disproportional number of them are Black. Why are a greater percentage of Blacks in prison now than in the “Bad Old Days”? Americans were told that when racial segregation in schools, housing, and employment was ended, Blacks would become much more responsible and much less inclined towards crime. Dr. Pierce explains why the opposite has happened.
Choosing a Barbie Doll1999/01/30
Dr. Pierce describes how silly — and unhealthy — Political Correctness can be with the story of a seven-year-old White girl who felt like a “hate criminal” for reflexively choosing a White Barbie doll over a Black Barbie doll.
Dr. Pierce says that it is necessary to understand the problems facing Whites today, but more than this is needed. Whites must take responsibility for changing things and stop being just spectators.
The National Alliance has been saying for years that to avoid AIDS, Whites should not have sex with Blacks. Black heterosexuals are far more likely to be HIV positive than White heterosexuals. This has really alarmed the egalitarians. They believe that “since we are all the same” sex with non-Whites can’t possibly be more dangerous than sex with Whites. Now, the percentage of Blacks with AIDS has become so much higher than the percentage of Whites with AIDS that even the mainstream media is commenting on it. However, the egalitarians are as appalled when we mention it as ever. Why is this? It is because the idea that “everyone is equal” is regarded as something akin to a religious truth that just can’t be questioned no matter what the evidence. The believers in human equality think and act as irrationally as the members of any bizarre religious cult.
Lawyers have been held in contempt by decent people for centuries. In Aryan societies they have been thought to exert a non-Aryan influence. If anything, they are even more destructive today.
Odysseus Way1999/02/27
Dr. Pierce explains the problems conservatives have trying to solve problems. After the Trojan War, Odysseus was lost at sea for several years. When he returned home, he found his household full of unwelcome guests who were lusting after his wife, eating all his food, and destroying his property. If he had been a conservative his response would have been to try to teach the unwanted suitors better manners. However, he wasn’t and his response was more radical — and effective.
A Trial in Jasper1999/03/06
Dr. Pierce discusses the recent trial of William King in Jasper, Texas. The media coverage of this trial was carefully managed to increase the feeling of guilt among Whites and thereby to soften up them up for “hate laws” which will restrict Politically Incorrect speech in the United States in the manner it is currently restricted in Canada, the UK, and Europe.
Special Treatment1999/03/13
Jewish spies and criminals have advantages that spies and criminals of other ethnic groups don’t have. Citing the cases of Jonathan Pollard, Samuel Sheinbein, Dror Goldberg, and Ira Einhorn, Dr. Pierce gives some examples.
Dr. Pierce discuses the push for “hate laws” and the drive to exempt “hate speech” from First Amendment protection. The 1978 assassination of Harvey Milk and George Moscone is also discussed.
Dr. Pierce discusses the hijacking of the United States and what White people must do to put an end to it.
Hands Off Yugoslavia1999/04/03
The national interests of the United States are not served by bombing Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia is a sovereign nation and should be allowed to govern its internal affairs as it sees fit. The idea that the United States is “saving lives” by the bombing is especially ludicrous. Also fallacious is that the idea is that the United States is concerned about how a nation treats its ethnic minorities. The Turks mistreat the Kurds, the Israelis mistreat the Palestinians, and many African nations are in continuous ethnic turmoil, but we are not bombing them. The only reason the United States is unhappy with Yugoslavia is that Yugoslavia is a European country which does not want to follow the directives of the United Nations and join the New World Order crowd.
Why the Jews Want War1999/04/10
Dr. Pierce further discusses the situation in Yugoslavia. He discusses how the New York Times reported the conflict between Albanians and Serbs before the Serbs became the media’s ultimate bad guys and the Albanians became the media’s innocent angels.
Dr. Pierce gives more reasons why the United States has decided to get involved in the Yugoslavian situation. He also highlights Madeleine Albright’s career. Albright has supported the efforts of Jews to get reparations for loses suffered during World War II. She has also supported the efforts of Jews to have art work they formerly possessed returned to them. However, her own family stole personal property and valuable art work from a German family after the war. Not only has she not returned their possessions, she has evaded and thwarted the German’s family’s efforts to achieve restitution.
The New World Order1999/04/24
A discussion of what the New World Order is and why it is a threat.
Lies, Murder, and Jews1999/05/01
Dr. Pierce discusses the Columbine High murders with an emphasis on the facts, and the rumors, the media chose to disseminate about the shootings and the facts and rumors they de-emphasized.
The End of Patriotism1999/05/08
Patriotism is a natural emotion. And most patriot Americans felt that they owed a debt of gratitude to the military. Now, feeling proud of the U.S. military is no longer appropriate. Sadly, the armed forces are no longer serving the interests of America, but of the New World Order instead. As a result, American troops should now be held in no higher regard than bus drivers, or the fillers of any other government job.
The Bigger War1999/05/15
Dr. Pierce explains that the war in Yugoslavia is a new kind of war, which will help to establish a new principle if it is successful. The new principle is that the New World Order can tell any country in the world how to govern itself and then destroy anyone who doesn’t obey. If this new type of war is tolerated, it will mean an end to national sovereignty, an end to national independence, and an end to freedom.
The Value of Talk1999/05/22
Dr. Pierce explains why talking and developing understanding are necessary to Whites in our efforts to secure our future. He also discusses the fallacy of believing we can vote our way out of our problems.
Fooling The People1999/05/29
One of President Abe Lincoln’s most memorable statements about the government of the United States was to the effect that it is able to fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but that it can’t hope to fool all of the people all of the time. But, one of the most depressing aspects of the situation in America today is the extent to which the government and the controlled media, collaborating with one another, are able to deceive most of the people all the time.
Dr. Pierce details some of the dirty tricks the United States is planning on using against President Milosevic — and why they are likely to backfire. He also explains the true nature of the NATO war effort: it is state-sponsored terrorism.
Dr. Pierce discusses the right — and responsibility — White people have to replace a government that isn’t looking after their interests with one that is.
How They Rule1999/06/19
Dr. Pierce explains how the New World Order gang intend to get control of things: they wreck a country with bombs and missiles — or they simply steal its wealth without using bombs and missiles; then when the country’s people are sufficiently miserable and desperate, they hold out the offer of money for rebuilding if the people will elect the leaders chosen by the gangsters.
Smell the Blood1999/06/26
In the Soviet Union, the Jews set up the bloodiest, the most murderous apparatus of repression the world has ever seen, based on the scheme of the Jew Karl Marx, with Jewish commissars like Lazar Kaganovich murdering millions of Ukrainians and Russians, and now they have us feeling sorry for them because the Russians and Ukrainians don’t like them. Well, perhaps the crimes of the communists in the Soviet Union seem too far in the past to be real, but the blood we shed in Serbia in order to advance another Jewish scheme… that blood is still fresh. They have made murderers of us the way they made murderers of the Russians. It’s time for us to smell the blood and stop being fooled by their lies.
Lies and Consequences1999/07/03
The atrocities committed by the Serbs against the Albanians as the Serbs were fighting the KLA were insignificant compared to what happened after Madeleine began her bombing. Nearly all of the Albanian refugees who fled from Kosovo fled after the bombing began. Nearly all of the killings of Albanians by Serb security forces which are receiving so much media coverage now occurred during Madeleine’s bombing and were caused by the bombing. The Serbs blamed the bombing of their country in part on the Albanians and so retaliated against them. Now the Albanians are retaliating and the “peacekeeping forces” are just standing by and watching as the KLA and other Albanians terrorize, rape, plunder, and murder Serbs.
Hate Speech1999/07/10
Dr. Pierce compares the media coverage on the Benjamin Smith shooting spree with the murders committed by the Black Hebrew Israelites a Black supremacist church led by Yahweh ben Yahweh and with the Zebra killings of the 1970’s. He also calls for White racialists to resist foolish and undisciplined acts of premature violence.
Dr. Pierce discusses how America is becoming more divided: Some White Americans support the Clinton coalition and want more diversity at home and more of the US being a policeman and busybody abroad. Others oppose these things and want the United States to again be run according to traditional European values. Dr. Pierce also discusses two movies Pure Race and American History X and explains the influence they are intended to have on their audiences.
Enemies of Liberty1999/07/24
In a free society the most important single function of the mass media is not to bring ball games to the masses, and it should not be simply to make money for the media bosses: the essential function of the mass media is to be diligent and responsible bearers of the vigilance which the masses themselves are incapable of bearing. In America the mass media not only do not serve that function, they consciously and deliberately misinform the people. By so doing they all have become enemies of liberty.
The contrast between the Clinton government’s behavior toward Serbia and its behavior toward Israel during Ehud Barak’s recent visit to Washington illustrates the hypocrisy and corruption of the government.
Authoritarians always support the status quo. The same type of people who told hippies to get a haircut and find a job in the 1960’s now tell those with non-Politically Correct views that they promote “hate.” The new authoritarians ask themselves “why can’t we all just love one another and get along?” They ask this because they have heard it repeated so many times by others.
Bosch/Bin Laden1999/08/14
The 15th-century artist, Hieronymous Bosch, paintings had a nightmare quality that reflected his concern for the moral condition of 15th-century Dutch society. But if he was alive today what would his paintings look like? When a society no longer has powerful men for whom righteousness counts more than profit, comfort, or personal security then every member of society will pay a price. No one will escape the craziness.
Dr. Pierce discusses Janet Reno’s statement “we must learn how to resolve our disputes without violence.” Rather hypocritical from one on the main architects of the Waco massacre! The shootings by Buford Furrow are also discussed.
Police agencies everywhere should understand what the real threats to law and order are. But they are being conditioned to not understand these things. They are being conditioned to regard anyone who publicizes the Jewishness of Jewish organized crime, for example, as the threat, rather than Jewish organized crime itself.
Jewish Democracy1999/09/04
Dr. Pierce discusses why some crimes get reported and some don’t. For example, crimes involving guns get a lot more coverage than equally heinous crimes not involving guns. He also discusses the difference in the way the media handle non-White-on-White as opposed to White-on-non-White crimes.
Dr. Pierce discusses the modus operandi of the Jews. He deals with the corruption caused by the “Russian” mafia in Russia and then warns that the United States is heading in the same direction.
Seeing The Forest1999/09/18
Dr. explains that even though there are “bad Whites” and “good Jews;” it is still important to regard Jews, as a group, as being destructive.
Dr. Pierce discusses the recent Senate hearings on the Internet and “hate.”
Hardheaded Altruism1999/10/02
Dr. Pierce discusses the degradation non-Whites have caused to White society and to the natural environment.
Dr. Pierce discusses Jesse Ventura, Pat Buchanan, and typical American politicians. He gives more examples of under reported non-White on White crimes and decries “our leaders” lack of response to them.
Dr. Pierce discusses the hate mail we receive, the philosophy of libertarianism, and the growing alienation occurring in White societies. He also describes another horrific crime ignored by the media. This time, homosexuals are the ones being protected for the sake of Political Correctness.
Dr. Pierce discusses Patrick Buchanan. He is hated by Jews even though he has never publicly attacked Jews, supports Israel, and has Jews working for him. Richard Nixon was also hated by Jews although he also hired Jews and supported Israel. Why? Because nothing but reflexive slavish devotion is good enough for them. Dr. Pierce again discusses the rape and murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising. Were his two adult, homosexuals killers emboldened to commit their crime by the campaign to make perverted sex an commendable “alternate lifestyle choice”?
The New Protocols1999/10/30
Jews generally call The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion “a forgery.” It certainly doesn’t seem to be written by a Jew: it is too straightforward, too open and doesn’t use the sort of deceptive, weasel-word, self-justifying language that Jews customarily use. It was, in fact, not written by a Jew. It was written by a Russian professor named Nilus. He was an astute observer of the Jews and also a patriot. He wanted to warn the Russian people of what the Jews were planning to do to them. Dr. Pierce imagines what Professor Nilus would say if he were writing on the same subject today.
Dr. Pierce discusses his recent visit to Germany. He describes the political and racial situation there and the restrictions that are placed on free speech.
Germany and America1999/11/13
Dr. Pierce continues his discussion of political repression in Germany. He makes special mention of how the press and government in the United States cooperate with the German government to whitewash — and enforce — this repression. Soon the same limitations on freedom may be law here.
Tribal Thinking – 1999/11/20
Dr. Pierce explains why Jews have often been more successful than Whites.
A Better Future1999/11/27
Dr. Pierce contrasts the case of Derek Farmer, a Black cop killer who has been licensed by the bar to practice law, with that of Matt Hale, a White man who has been denied a license to practice law because of his racial and religious beliefs. He also gives other examples of the increased arrogance and self-confidence on the part of the Jews.
Books and Freedom1999/12/04
Until Jewish influence is eliminated from American culture, modern American literature and the rest of our culture will remain a wasteland, devoid of the real spirit, the real genius of our people. It will remain a culture which corrupts rather than uplifts our people. It will not be a culture which inspires them to fight for their freedom and their racial integrity and their survival as a people. Quite to the contrary, in fact. A people with no real culture of their own — or at least, a people who have lost contact with their own culture — will be victimized and exploited and eventually exterminated.
Thoughts on Government1999/12/11
Dr. Pierce says it is vital for moral people to run the government. Currently, virtually all politicians are amoral. Amorality is even more dangerous than immorality. The amoral person feels no guilty for his crimes and is, in addition, often a skilled actor. The long standing problem of our government’s lack of morality has caused many people to believe that government is inherently evil. Actually, our problem is bad government not big government.
Deliberate Deception1999/12/18
Dr. Pierce discusses the distorted and deceptive way some of the events during and after World War II have been portrayed.
Alienation and rage are growing in young people, but the young people who listen to resistance music will be the vanguard of our army of liberation. We will bring the truth to our people despite the controlled media. We will take our heritage back.