Dr. William L. Pierce Broadcasts & Speeches – 1998


Thought on Free Trade1998/01/13
The collapse of the economies of Asia may be a good thing for us, because it serves as a warning of where the interdependence fostered by free trade can lead. “Interdependence” is one of those trendy concepts which is fashionable among air-headed liberals and is also being pushed by hardheaded Jewish media bosses. They like to use phrases like “a family of nations,” so that this loss of independence and autonomy sounds warm and fuzzy. But sensible American should ask themselves is whether or not they really want to be dependent on China, Korea, Mexico, and a whole array of Third World countries just to be fashionable.
Why Society is Nuts1998/01/17
Dr. Pierce explains that White society is like a herd of cattle getting ready to stampede over a cliff. Individually the cows may be perfectly sane and perfectly normal, but their group behavior really doesn’t make any sense and will have disastrous results. What drives this disastrous behavior? Egalitarianism and resentment have been pushed as the philosophies of the day. And people are terrified of stepping outside of the herd.
Jews have a long history of involvement in organized crime both in the United States and abroad. An old standby of organized crime has been prostitution. In recent years, the involvement of organized crime in prostitution has skyrocketed. And prostitution is becoming forced prostitution more and more commonly. Many of these virtual slaves are White Eastern European women. And one of the centers for this activity is Israel.
Responding to Evil1998/01/31
The Jews can not help but to make the world more and more Jewish. And this will increasingly cause Whites to feel more and more troubled and disaffected. Many average people can sense that the world is becoming sicker and more brutal, but they do not know why. And often, they can not quite understand why they feel uneasy. Those who do understand have the obligation to spread their understanding and to offer alternatives.
Bill and Monica1998/02/07
It is just possible that Clinton’s antics have become so embarrassing that the Jewish media will abandon him and Al Gore will be the next president. Would this be a good thing? On the one hand, Clinton is a constant reminder of how rotten the current system is and how much it needs to be changed. But on the other hand, having Clinton impeached and jailed would be wonderfully heartening. However, no one should delude themselves that Gore is less corrupt than Clinton in any fundamental sense; he just knows how to keep his zipper zipped during office hours.
Many people think that the biggest maritime disaster of all time was the sinking of the Titanic, but this isn’t the case. The biggest maritime disaster of all time was the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff. The Wilhelm Gustlof was a refugee ship carrying mainly women and children. They were fleeing the murder and rape carried out by the Soviet Army towards the end of War World II. On January 30, 1945, the ship was attacked by a Soviet submarine and sunk. Over 7,000 people, nearly all of them civilians, were killed. But, of course, Hollywood will not be making a movie about this tragedy anytime soon!
Jewish media bosses recently gave us Amistad and reviewed it without telling us that after being acquitted of murder Cinqué himself became a slave merchant in Africa. During World War II the Jewish media bosses told us that we had to stop Hitler because he was planing a tank invasion of the United States by way of Brazil. The whopper they are now telling us that we must destroy Saddam Hussein because he is a threat to the United States and to the entire world. When will people realize that the media serve Jewish interests, not American interests?
It used to be that before we would wage war against another country, we had to believe that we had some moral justification for doing so. And the only moral justification which we considered sufficient was self-defense. Now all that has changed. Now, Clinton tells us that we must attack Iraq to prevent them from developing “weapons of mass destruction.” Who will they use such weapons on? Their target might be Israel. Thus, the politically powerful Jews in the United States say that Iraq must be stopped. Current U.S. policy is increasing the chance that the United States might be the victim of a terrorist attack, not decreasing it. But this doesn’t matter to those in control. Protecting Jewish interests is what counts.
Dr. Pierce details some of the numerous misdeeds of Bill Clinton and concludes that he is a “constitutional psychopath.” Will the massive corruption of his administration, and the disgust it engenders, bring a second American revolution closer?
Clinton’s Legacy1998/03/14
What will Clinton be most remembered for? He would like to be known as the president that brought the races together in America, but this is ludicrously unlikely. He will be most likely remembered for bringing the presidency to an unprecedented level or corruption and for lacking the character to maintain even a minimum level of control over his personal life.
Dr. Pierce explains that for him freedom is closely tied to the idea of independence. One is free when no man can claim the right to force you to do his will. Liberals are enemies of this sort of freedom, but they like the word all the same. They talk about “freedom from want,” “freedom from discrimination,” “freedom from hate,” etc. In order to achieve this sort of “freedom,” the freedom of others is taken away.
The recent discussion by the San Francisco board of education about whether they should mandate that 70% of the books the children in the district read should be written by “authors of color” received a lot of coverage. However, the debate mostly centered around whether rigid quotas are a good thing. No one pointed out that the most important thing in a child’s education is the sense of identity and rootedness that he receives, his sense of peoplehood and racial belonging. That does not come from a multicultural education. It comes only from immersing him in the culture, in the ideas, in the history, in the spirituality of his own people.
Frederica Massiah-Jackson, a Black female judge currently serving on Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas, recently withdrew her nomination for a federal judgeship after it became clear that the Senate would not confirm her appointment. Why? Her amazing record of leniency towards serious Black criminals was too much (when finally exposed) even for the Senate Judiciary Committee who desperately wanted to do the PC thing by confirming her. Also discussed are the Arkansas schoolyard killings. The media and its controllers would like to blame the killings on guns. However such things didn’t happen until recently; in the past children had even more exposure to, and knowledge of, guns than they do now. The real reason is alienation and the reality-destroying effect television has on many children.
We recently took a survey of people who subscribe to American Dissident Voices via our listserv. We asked what they like most and least about A.D.V. Listen to this show to find out the results.
The Mestizo Menace1998/04/18
Many American college students visit Mexico during their Easter breaks. How many know about the dangers they may encounter there? Robbery, violent assault, and rape (with or without the “date rape” drug, Rohypnol being used) are common. The Mexican often police ignore these crimes — when they aren’t taking an active part as perpetrators. And there isn’t much recourse in the corrupt Mexican justice system where everyone is for sale, or at least for rent. Why isn’t this situation more widely known? Well, the powers that be wouldn’t want to damage relations with our neighbors to the South, would they? Besides, some people might wonder if the racial makeup of Mexico might have something to do with it. Some people might even figure out that as the racial makeup of America begins to resemble the racial makeup of Mexico, conditions here will begin to resemble conditions there even more.
The School Problem1998/05/02
Traditionally, schools in White societies do three things. First, they help pass a people’s cultural, intellectual, and spiritual heritage on to the next generation. By teaching children about their people’s legends, achievements, and mores they help to assure cultural continuity. Second, schools help children acquire the knowledge and skills they need to become self-supporting members of society. Thirdly, schools help develop character in children, so that they will grow up to be the strongest and most valuable citizens that their genetic inheritance allows. Unfortunately, the American educational system today completely neglects the third purpose and does poorly with the first two. How can a “multicultural” school pass on any people’s culture — especially the European culture so many multiculturalists despise?
Dr. Pierce discusses the two biggest roadblocks to White self-determination: cowardice and individualism.
Organized crime in the United States has always been a carried out largely by immigrants, often non-White. But these immigrants, especially when first setting up their operations, usually targeted other members of their ethnic communities. Successful, large-scale rackets took years to develop. The Organizatsiya breaks all these rules. Shortly after arriving in the United States Jewish gangsters from the former Soviet Union set up rackets that bring in millions of dollars. And their targets are White, middle-class taxpayers.
The media often misleadingly call this organized crime syndicate the “Russian Mafia.” However, there are virtually no ethnic Russians in it. It consists almost exclusively of Jews. Many of these Jews were involved in organized crime even before arriving here, but they are still accepted as “persecuted refugees” courtesy of Jewish Senator, Frank Lautenberg. The Lautenberg amendment allowing Jews from the former Soviet Union to enter the United States as refugees (entitling them to welfare benefits not given to ordinary immigrants) first went in to effect in 1989 and has been renewed every year since. Hundreds of thousands of Jews have entered the United States because of it, including some big time gangsters.
Dr. Pierce thinks that the recent nuclear bomb tests in India are good news for six reasons which he spells out during this broadcast. It also goes to show that history can be unpredictable and filled with surprises.
Dr. Pierce discusses the situations that face Whites in America and around the world: Jewish media control, massive non-White immigration, etc. In what country is radical change most likely
The Lesson of Africa1998/06/06
Whites in Africa have been brutally murdered by Blacks over and over again — often after being gang raped, or tortured. This has been the fate even of the Whites who considered themselves the friends and brothers of Blacks, and even of Whites who have married Blacks and raised Black children. Nevertheless, in 1994, White South Africans voted to turn their country over to Blacks. Maybe they thought that their fate would be different, that their abdication would cause the Blacks and the “international community” to love them. It hasn’t. Whites are being raped, murdered, and robbed by Blacks in astonishing numbers. And the “international community” has utterly turned its back on South African Whites. Will the same thing happen in America when America becomes majority non-White?
In another program on the neglected aspects of World War II, Dr. Pierce discusses the tragedies of the Ukrainian nation. Literally millions of Ukrainians were killed by starvation in an artificially orchestrated famine. After this, thousands more were killed by the Soviets in much the same way as Poles were killed by the Soviets in the Katyn Forest. But unlike the Poles, the Ukrainians selected for this mass murder were all civilians mostly farmers and rural people. Many were not at all politically active. They made the best they could of the situation when their farms were destroyed and their children died of starvation, but this wasn’t good enough. The Soviets feared that anyone too capable or too independent (as many of the surviving farmers were) might cause problems in the future. The mass killings were also used to eliminate individuals some Soviet bureaucrat, often a Jew; had a personal grudge against. It was a great opportunity to settle scores. Once again, it would be a good subject for a very moving film, but don’t wait for Hollywood to make one!
In the modern world democracy is regarded as sacrosanct. To doubt that it is the best — indeed the only — form of government for all people at all times is regarded as evil and foolish. But is this prejudice justified? A few minutes of reflection should tell you that it is not. If the electorate is too stupid or too emotional to reason effectively they can easily vote themselves into a disastrous situation. This is doubly true when the sources from which the electorate gets its information are biased. And it is even truer when those who control the electorate’s information have different values and goals than the nation’s people. This is why America, South Africa, and Russia have all gotten into a sad condition through the democratic process.
Dr. Pierce says that Clinton’s recent speech at Portland State University; a speech in which he said that an America with a non-White majority will be a better America, is morally grounds for a revolution. However, a revolution is not tactically or technically justified at this time. Dr. Pierce also discusses Clinton’s absolute hypocrisy in bemoaning school violence and then visiting a record mogul notorious for his promotion of “gangsta rap.” At least one of the young White criminals who have engaged in schoolyard shootings has been a big fan of this music.
More On Reparations1998/07/04
Recently, the Swiss offered four times the largest possible amount they might have in accounts that belonged to Jews who were “victims of the Holocaust” to various Jewish groups. What was the Jewish reaction? Shock and outrage that the amount offered was so small! The continuing Jewish extortion effort action Switzerland presents an enlightening look at the Jewish mindset.
America used to be essentially White and it can be White again. Despite what those in control would like people to believe, there is nothing “inevitable” about the immigration which is making America darker. Even if a White future can only be obtained by a civil war, this will be less bloody and less terrible than the alternative. Dr. Pierce also reads Rudyard Kipling’s stirring poem, The Stranger.
The United Kingdom just decreased the age of consent for homosexual sex to 14-years-old, Eastern European women continue to be forced into white slavery by Jewish organized crime gangs, and the United States is due to became a majority non-White country because of its immigration policies. If Germany had won the Second World War, none of this would be happening.
More about how Jews want to portray themselves as the number one victims of all time in order to decrease resistance to their demands. The career of Lazar Kaganovich is also discussed. Kaganovich is the person most responsible for Stalin’s regime being filled with blood and terror. He happily admitted to killing 20 million people.
Dr. Pierce discusses what activists should be doing, included are tips on getting non-lemming acquaintances involved in our cause.
Many White traits, such as objectivity and altruism are good things in an all White society, but in a racially mixed society our enemies can manipulate us so that these traits are used against us. White Americans have been taught to feel especially guilty when American Indians are discussed. However, the descendents of the American Indians don’t feel guilty about the things which their ancestors did — which included engaging in torture for amusement. Slavery is another thing Whites are made to feel guilty for, even though the slaves brought to America were also slaves in Africa — slaves of other Blacks. Are modern Blacks taught to feel guilty about this? Of course not, racial guilt is only for Whites.
Media Myths1998/08/15
The new Spielberg movie Saving Private Ryan is being touted as a “very realistic war movie.” Sure, it has a lot of blood and guts — no novelty to anyone who has seen a horror film in the past few years — but is it realistic? No. It presents the war in the same manner it has always been presented by Jewish-controlled Hollywood: as a war the United States had to get involved in to protect its freedom, and to protect the freedom of the world. This is nonsense. Germany was no military threat to the United States. And as for freedom, World War II resulted in the death of millions under communism and the loss of freedom for many millions more.
Those who run Hollywood are not only largely members of an alien ethnic group — in their personal lives and manners they are amoral and depraved. They are crude, vulgar, grasping, manipulative, greedy, and unscrupulous. Many are outrageously into conspicuous consumption. Is it any wonder that the films they make are shallow, disgusting, unwholesome, and depressing?
Dr. Pierce says that Clinton may be an amusing clown, but his antics are increasing the chances of Americans being killed in terrorist attacks. He also discusses the murder of two young White women by a Crips gang composed of Blacks and Latinos in Fayetteville, NC. These killings received almost no media coverage — unlike the killing of a Black drug dealer and his girlfriend by two drunken White soldiers a couple of years ago. This is another example of how the Jewish control of the media is harmful to Whites.
The Russian Economy1998/09/05
The shakiness of the Russian economy has been much in the news lately and so has discussion of the “Robber Barons of Russia.” Rarely mentioned, however, is how many of these robber barons are Jewish or how Jewish networking and outright criminality has crippled Russia.
Dr. Pierce says that this era of sham, deceit, and pretense, democracy, politicians, and rule by the Jewish media, is drawing to a close. The old elite will be replaced by a new elite of men who can think for themselves; men who are idealistic but hardheaded. While rejecting the lie of egalitarianism and the pretense of democracy, they will understand that they cannot stand on nothing, that they must stand on a strong base, and that base will be their racial community. Only the bonds of blood, of race, will be strong enough to hold in the chaos which is coming.
A Confluence of Crises1998/09/19
In the United States, Clinton may be in trouble for engaging in debauchery, but his real crime is treason. In Russia, the economy continues to collapse, but Yevgeny Primakov (born Pinchas Finkelstein) has been chosen by head gangster Boris Abramovich Berezovsky to be the new prime minister. In Indonesia, widespread rioting brought down the government a few weeks ago. In neighboring Malaysia the economic crisis is also severe, following the collapse of its currency late last year. Malaysia’s prime minister blames currency speculator George Soros for the collapse. What was the reaction to his opinion in the United States? The U.S. Congress sent a resolution to Malaysia complaining that their prime minister is “anti-Semitic!”
Fashion for Genocide1998/09/26
Four weeks ago, Dr. Pierce talked about a little reported Black on White crime in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This was hardly an isolated incidence. Black on White crimes are routinely ignored by the media while White on Black crimes are dwelled on for days or even months. In this program, Dr. Pierce gives several more examples of this biased media coverage. He also explains why this bias occurs and why it is a matter of great importance.
The situation involving the Jews is actually quite complex, but it is sometimes necessary to simplify explanations to allow people to see the forest instead individual trees. Dr. Pierce discusses some complications. Dr. Pierce also discusses the recent ADL report that lists the National Alliance as the “most powerful hate group” in the world. It also said we are “linked” to various criminal activities. This from an organization that has been in far more legal hot water for criminal activities than the National Alliance ever has!
In late September, the ADL released a report stating the National Alliance is the “most dangerous organized hate group in America.” But it is the ADL which is the true hate group. It earns its living: selling hate. It makes its money by persuading Jews and wannabe Jews that they are in great danger — but if everyone will just send them a nice, fat check today, the ADL will protect them. The ADL deliberately makes the National Alliance sound scary. Their press releases tend to be deceptive and are written in a way calculated to lead to misinterpretation. Then, if the newspapers exaggerate things even more, why so much the better. One of the ADL’s fondest projects is “combating hate speech.” “Hate speech,” of course, is whatever they find offensive or dangerous to their interests. The ADL is especially concerned about the propagation of what they consider dangerous ideas over the Internet and has been working with software developers to develop censorship programs which can be installed on any computer, so that computer users cannot find any Politically Incorrect material on the Internet. But lobbying to stamp out the Bill of Rights isn’t the ADL’s only activity. They’re also the largest and most effective private espionage organization in America — in which guise they have committed more criminal acts than the National Alliance has been “linked” to.
Dr. Pierce discusses two topics on this show. The first is the year 2000 problem and the second is the practice of “mainstreaming” the news. “Mainstreaming” means making sure that non-Whites and women are quoted as authorities in newspaper articles at least in proportion to their numbers in the general population. It also means writing articles so that they do not “further stereotypes.” Blacks must not be portrayed as violent, homosexuals must not be portrayed as promiscuous, Mexicans must not be portrayed as stupid, etc. In other words, reality should be ignored and a Politically Correct fantasy world presented instead.
The ADL might accurately be called the most dangerous criminal brotherhood in the United States. It accepts money from known crime bosses, spies on American citizens, turns information over to the U.S. and to foreign governments, and even incites terrorist bombings against its enemies. However, there are other criminal organizations in the United States even more heavily involved in violent criminal activity than the ADL. What makes the ADL more dangerous is its ongoing corruption of police and other government officials. No police official would attend a function hosted by the local drug gang, but many police officials, through naivete and corruption, see nothing wrong with attending award banquets hosted by the ADL.
Dr. Pierce discusses the death of homosexual Matthew Shepherd and the orchestrated reaction to it. It seems that the government and the controlled media were waiting with baited breath for a member of an approved minority group to be killed in a shocking manner so that they could get more “hate crime” legislation on the books. Two other shocking deaths, which in contrast to the Shepherd killing, you have probably never heard of (as they were perpetrated by the members of approved minority groups) are discussed. Also, discussed is Kosovo and why American intervention all over the globe is a bad idea.
Recently, Dr. Pierce asked a South African nationalist leader, “What do the White South Africans who voted in 1993 to turn their country over to Black rule think about their suicidal foolishness now?” His reply was, “But we never voted for Black rule! We never even voted to permit the Blacks to participate in elections. We only voted to continue the process of reform in which the government of F W. DeKlerk already was engaged, the process of modernization and relaxation of some of the stricter apartheid practices. We believed that this would help our relations with the rest of the world and still allow us to remain masters in our own country.” Dr. Pierce then said, “But surely the voters must have understood that if they gave DeKlerk the OK to continue along his path of appeasement of the Blacks and the New World Order crowd, that would lead very soon to Black rule. The South African said that most of the voters didn’t understand that. They had believed their politicians’ promise to maintain White rule. And the fact is that the majority of White Americans are just as capable of unwittingly voting for their own destruction, so we should not be surprised that the White South Africans did just that.
Dr. Pierce discusses three main topics: how we have a White population which is unable to defend its heritage because they have no knowledge of their heritage, the Alphonse D’Amato election defeat, and why it is important to look at people as belonging to groups and not just as individuals.
Why War?1998/11/21
Dr. Pierce discusses the situation in the Middle East. War has been averted, but for how long? The United States devotion to Israel is endangering our national security, not helping it.
What We Owe Sam Dash1998/11/28
Dr. Pierce discusses the latest developments in the Clinton situation. By now it should be clear the problem is more than a corrupt president and a few other bad apples, the system is rotten through and through.
Dr. Pierce discusses another horrific Black-on-White crime. He also discusses how it is not necessary for every member of a given group to be bad for it to be rational to want to avoid all members of that group by using a family of gypsies moving in next door as an example.
Most Canadians probably think that they can read or write anything they want, but they are mistaken. Canada probably seizes more books because they are not Politically Correct than any other government in what used to be the “free” world. The situation there is really not that different from that in the Ray Bradbury book Fahrenheit 451 expect that the authorities are too discreet to drive around in “fire trucks.”
Clinton’s War1998/12/26
A little over two weeks before Clinton launched his new war against Iraq, Dr. Pierce said on ADV that war was imminent. He thought Clinton had made a deal with the Jews to use any pretext for starting a war. Of course, a war might help to derail the impeachment process also. That is, it might have if it wasn’t so obvious that the motivations for the war are just a little too close to those in Wag the Dog to be taken seriously. We now have even some of Iraq’s enemies saying that the United State’s attack was unnecessary.