Dr. William L. Pierce Broadcasts & Speeches – 1996

Why They Hate Buchanan – 1996/03/16
Patrick Buchanan has been vilified by nearly everybody who’s anybody in American politics. They say he is an “EXTREMIST”. Is he? What explains the shrill alarm being sounded against his candidacy by the controlled media and the kept politicians?
The Destructive Media1996/04/13
American Dissident Voices has often talked about Jewish control of the news and entertainment media and said that it is enormously damaging. Now, here are some specific, concrete examples of the way in which the Jewish control of our news and entertainment media damages us as a people.
Men Of Valor1996/04/20
The valor we remember and the valor we must have again depends at least as much on moral courage as on physical courage. Even more, it depends on the inner sense of direction which must guide the man of valor, if his courage and strength are to be used to a worthy end.
Our legal profession has never been a profession devoted to justice, but rather to arguing, “that white is black or black is white, according as its practitioners are paid.” as Jonathan Swift noted centuries ago. The principal aim of the judicial system is the enrichment of lawyers. And the lawyers who become judges tend not to be the most just, but rather the slickest, slyest, and most ambitious men of their profession. This has resulted in such legal travesties as the OJ Simpson case and the Bernhard Goetz case. Dr. Pierce urges listeners to speak out against such injustices.
The Big Picture1996/06/15
Dr. Pierce tells us that we need to see ourselves set in a larger context. We need to understand how our own lives are important. We must recognize our responsibility to our ancestors and to our descendants. We must accept our duty to preserve and advance our culture and civilization.
Dr. Pierce comments on the recent rash of church fires. Although there is no evidence of a “White racist conspiracy,” liberals are praying that “White racists” are setting fire to Black churches. This would confirm their view of the world and be comforting to them. It would also give them an excuse to “stamp out” a few “racists.”
Dr. Pierce explains: The criminals in the government and in the media who have been lying to us and taking advantage of us and wrecking our society for so long now are desperate to keep normal, decent, working White men and women morally disarmed. They want to keep us on the defensive, to keep us feeling guilty and confused. They know that if we ever begin thinking clearly, if we ever take stock of our situation, if we ever decide to straighten out the mess they’ve made of things, there will be hell to pay.
Dr. Pierce explains that Saddam Hussein is not a real threat to the United States. Iraq is simply a potential threat to the state of Israel. American money is being thrown away to keep Iraq in line. In the future perhaps American lives will be lost. Does the disproportionate influence of Jews in the American media explain why Americans are so willing being used as bully boys and policemen for Israel?
Dr. Pierce gives his views on the upcoming American presidential election. Clinton can steal your wallet, seduce your daughter, blow marijuana smoke in your face and then charm you into voting for him anyway. Dole, on the other hand, couldn’t charm his way out of a parking ticket, but isn’t such an obvious crook. But these two very different candidates have something very important in common — they have both, throughout their careers, served Jewish interests. In modern American democracy, this is what counts. And this is the reason that it matters little which of them wins the election.
The Texaco Fiasco1996/11/30
In this witty talk Dr. Pierce addresses the question of why a couple of Texaco managers private conversation about “black jelly beans,” and their possible use of the dread “n” word, caused such a panic. He also comments on the reason Texaco’s CEO contributed to this panic. Finally, he explains how such behavior can have very serious consequences.
Get Ready for War1966/12/21
Clinton’s new security team consists entirely of Jews. Is this just Mr. Clinton’s way of rewarding his supporters, or is it more serious? Dr. Pierce believes it is much more serious. He feels the United States may be lead in to a war in the next four years. Listen to his reasons why.
Dr. Pierce surveys the twentieth century — a disastrous century for Whites. In the nineteenth century, Whites were firmly in control. What mistakes did we make? What do the few remaining years of the twentieth century — the few remaining years of the millennium — have in store for us?